13 Habits that can harm your Teeth

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Some habits that we do on a regular basis unknowingly can cause harm to us. We have listed the harm caused to your teeth with frequent practics of the following habits.

Habits that can Harm your Teeth:

These habits when practiced frequently can cause the following effects:

1. Having Cold foods often:

The habit of consuming extremely chilled foods like ice cream or any kind of drinks causes a sharp shock-like effect on the teeth. This may weaken the nerve cells of the teeth and frequent contact with cold substances causes small cracks on the tooth surface.

2. Canned Juices:

Canned juices are often packed with preservatives and additives. These chemicals can weaken the surface of the teeth causing surface loss paving way for initiation of tooth decay.

3. Chewing on ice:

Chewing ice can create friction between your teeth exerting a mild shock-like effect. This causes weak spots on the teeth and hairline cracks in teeth. In some cases, mild chipping of the teeth also happens.

4. Frequent snacking:

The habit of frequent snacking causes tooth wear and increases the rate of tooth decay occurring due to the leftover food debris. The lack of tooth brushing also adds to increase the deposition of food debris.

5. Chocolates & Candies:

Frequent consumption of sugary foods causes pH imbalance in leading to an acidic environment in the mouth. These acids help in increasing the oral microbial count eventually leading to tooth decay formation.

6. Carbonated drinks or Soda:

Increased consumption of soda is prelevant among most of the population due to changes in lifestyle food habits. Thus, causing surface loss of the teeth leading to tooth discoloration and tooth decay.

7. Coffee or Tea:

Frequent consumption of coffee or tea causes discoloration of teeth surface after a long term consumption. It may also cause surface erosion in severe cases.

8. Bedtime feeding:

Bottle feeding your child in sleep at bed or letting your child sleep with a bottle at night might cause the early tooth decay. This type of caries has a unique pattern of affecting the upper front teeth, upper back teeth and finally, lower back teeth leaving out lower front teeth.

9. Grinding or Clenching your teeth:

The habit of frequent grinding or clenching your teeth represents an act of emotional stress or anxiety. This habit causes small cracks, chipping of teeth, tooth wear and pain. This can be treated with counseling along with oral mouthguards to overcome the habit.

10. Using Teeth as an Opener:

Using teeth as an opener be exerting hard forces can fracture your teeth. biting of hard substances initially causes a crack that may extend to fracture teeth is subjected to an increased amount of force.

11. Sports without mouthguard:

Most of the athletes are still not practicing the habit of using a mouthguard during sports. This may cause severe damage to the teeth if they suffer from any accidental sports injury.

12. Nutritional Energy Drinks:

Energy drinks used for instant regain of strength is mostly composed of sugars. They aid in providing instant sugar rush to regain instant energy. Frequent consumption of these drinks even with proper oral hygiene habits may cause tooth decay.

13. Smoking & Alcohol practice:

Frequent smoking can cause the decreased blood supply to the gums and other oral tissues while it causes staining of teeth. Alcohol consumption causes dehydration of the tissues causing reduced saliva production leading to increased to bacterial count in the mouth causing tooth surface loss and tooth decay.

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