6 Household Items That Reduce High Blood Pressure, Know More…

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Herbs for blood pressure

High blood pressure can cause many diseases and can put your health at risk, such as heart-related diseases, kidney failure, stroke, etc. Do you know that high blood pressure can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Along with your medicine, you can try a natural way to control your blood pressure. Quitting smoking and reducing salt intake in food plays a very big role in controlling blood pressure.

Cardamom for High Blood Pressure

You can keep away the hypertension by including the herbs mentioned below in your diet:

A research has revealed that the phytonutrients present in cardamom helps in keeping the blood pressure normal by shedding excess amount of urine from the body, thereby keeping the blood pressure normal. You can put it in tea or use it as a spice while cooking, or you can chew on it everyday with cardamom grains.


While the omega 3 fatty acids present in the seeds of flaxseed protect against heart-related diseases, on the other hand lignans found in it help in lowering blood pressure and blood sugar. You can mix flaxseed seeds powder in wheat flour while making roti or paratha. You can add these seeds to salads or smoothies or chew them and eat them.

Celery for high blood pressure

Including celery in your diet or drinking the water after boiling celery in water helps in reducing high BP. Thymol is found in celery grains which works to prevent calcium from freezing in the blood vessels. This does not irritate the vessel, which helps to reduce high BP.


This is a very natural way to reduce high BP due to the cold effect of lavender. It reduces restlessness and loosens the constricted arteries, which provides relief to people struggling with hypertension. It is beneficial to drink lavender tea every night before bed. Massaging with lavender oil can also be effective to keep stress away.

Parsley or celery

Potassium-rich celery, which is called celery in English, can prove to be ineffective in relieving hypertension. According to research, its diuretic nature not only reduces high BP but also decreases the level of LDL cholesterol. You can make it smooth and drink it or use it as a decoration in the food.

Green tea or oolong tea

It has been seen that the consumption of oolong tea everyday reduces the risk of hypertension. The effect of green tea or oolong tea is rejuvenating and the antioxidants present in it help in keeping away many types of long term disease.

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