6 Reasons for Pain Post Root Canal Treatment

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Root Canal Treatment (RCT) involves the removal of the infected pulp from the root canals of the tooth, then cleaning the root canals with antimicrobial agents to remove infection and finally filling the canal with a canal filling material and restorative material.

This is a common treatment carried out to treat an infected tooth or done intentionally for a dental crown.

Reasons for pain after Root Canal Treatment (RCT):

The following can be the reason for pain after a root canal treatment:

  1. Post-procedure pain- May last for a day or two. Usually, it subsides on its own. This is due to the release of infection to the ligament while cleaning the root canals.
  2. Persistence of infection– Due to any adhering bacteria in the root canal walls. It causes re-infection and swelling. Treated with post-procedural antibiotics. If pain persists, visit your Dentist.
  3. Small minor canals– Infection caused due to any small accessory canals that are not viewable. Mostly happens in RCT of the molar teeth with more than three root canals. You may feel sensitive to mild pain with hot and cold foods. Visit your dentist if it is severe.
  4. Over-filled teeth– overfilling of the tooth after root canal treatment can cause pain when the teeth meet the opposite teeth or while biting. This can be corrected by checking for highpoints and reducing them by your dentist.
  5. Damage to the Surrounding tissues– Accidental infection of the gums surrounding the tooth during the treatment can cause pain after treatment. Often subsides after the post-procedural antibiotics, if it prevails visit your dentist.
  6. Habits like smoking and alcohol: Having habits like smoking and alcohol consumption after the root canal treatment can cause infection of the treated tooth and delay the healing of the tooth.

However, all these above-mentioned reasons for pain after root canal are mostly rare occurrences.

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