Arthritis (Joint pain): a gout that affects your joint

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joint pain

There are 206 bones in our body. All these bones are very important for our body, as it not only forms the body’s structure but also plays an important role in balance, cell production, and other body functions. Joint pain can cause havoc to a person’s mobility.

There is one such health problem that affects bones. The one who is suffering from arthritis. Nowadays, this disease is seen in every second and third person according to age.

Due to this, the joints start swelling. Arthritis refers to condition that affect the joints as well as tissue and other connective tissues around the joints. The symptoms and treatment of arthritis vary according to the situation. However, there are some symptoms that you can see in the beginning of the disease.

Do not ignore these Symptoms of Arthritis

Joint pain

At the beginning of the arthritis problem of joint pain starts. Because of this, there is a lot of difficulty walking. Gradually this problem starts to increase, leading to more physical problems.

Stiffening of joints

Tightening of joints is also one of the symptoms of arthritis. Gradually it starts getting stiff. However, this problem is due to the accumulation of uric acid in the joints of bones. This problem arises by eating several types of diets.

Joint pain Bone softening

There is also a softening of joints in arthritis . Most of the Arthritis is first seen in the feet. If it is not treated on time, then this problem gradually starts occurring in all joints of the body.

Body flexibility

Despite the joint being soft, the body does not have flexibility. This causes joint pain , stiffness, and swelling. Many times we ignore the problem of these joints. Due to which one or several joints of the patient suffer from problems like pain, stiffness.


Any form of arthritis causes swelling in the joints. Because of this, the patient starts having problems not only in getting up and sitting but also in any kind of exercise. It is not cured until it is treated properly.

Why does Arthritis/ Joint Pain occur?

It is said that this disease occurs with age. when we use our joints and the position between bones gradually deteriorates. However, there are many reasons for the problem of osteoarthritis. Including increasing age, obesity, joint injury, genetic, metabolic, etc. At the same time, the problem of arthritis is seen more in women than in men.

This is because there is a lack of estrogen in women, due to which the body starts lacking iron, calcium, and nutrition. Due to this, problems like arthritis arise.

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