Athlete’s foot – facts about the fungal infection

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In simple words, an Athlete’s foot is a term used for indicating fungal infection that is commonly seen in between the toes. It is a common disorder of the feet. And this disease has nothing to do with an athlete in particular. So this can happen to anyone. But it is normally more common in those people who have a sweaty nature. And those who wear tight shoes and have lesser air ventilation.

The symptoms of tinea pedis or athlete foot are scaly rash which causes burning and itching. Contaminated floors, towels and clothes can spread this condition. It is related to other fungal infections such as jock itch and ringworm.


Many individuals do not show any symptoms at all. The athlete’s foot causes red rashes in between the toes. This results in itching and burning. It also causes the dryness of the skin of the toes. This infection can spreads to the hand when you scratch an infected part of your body.

Skin to skin contact or contaminated surface spread the infection. When infection is through the fungus then the athlete’s foot is contagious.



Your doctor may perform a test called potassium hydroxide (KOH) preparation. A lab or hospital perform the test. In this test, a small piece of skin is used to identify the fungal infection.


This infection can be caused by exposure to a lot of moisture such as excessive sweating or from an external source. Wearing the shoes and socks over an extended period of time. Diabetes is a major risk factor for an athlete’s foot.


There are various causes of athlete’s foot that are the way there are the various treatments of this disease. One can use a powder to keep the foot dry also you can use cotton socks that absorb the moisture. And doctors can give certain tablets to cure the disease. If your feet can be soaked in the aluminium acetate also called a Burow’s solution or Domeboro solution and then dried with a fan is useful to cure the infection.


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