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Fruits are one of the excellent sources of nutrition, vitamins, and minerals. They are rich in antioxidants, flavonoids, etc. Fresh, canned, and nuts are the 3 main categories of fruits. One of the most important types of fresh fruits includes berries. Further, berries are rich in anti-oxidants and have various health benefits. Hence, this article highlights the different types of berries and their amazing health benefits.


Berries are small, rounded, brightly coloured fruits. Moreover, they may be sweet, or sour in taste and abundantly rich in antioxidants. Further, they’re widely used in making jam, cakes, preservatives, pies, etc.


Firstly, berries are the fruits derived from the ovary of a single flower. Most importantly, these are fruits containing seeds in their edible portion. Moreover, the outer layer of the ovary develops the pericarp. Further, the pericarp develops as an edible portion in berries.


There are almost 400 different types of berries and available in prominent colours like purple, black, red, etc. Further, the main types of berries include:

Most common types of berries
Acai berry
Bar berry

Giant berries:

Watermelon and pumpkin


  • Fruits like grapes, bananas, egg plants, cucumber, tomato, capsicum are fruits and vegetables with seeds in their edible portion.
  • To clarify, the plants bearing berries are termed as bacciferous or baccate plant.


  • Firstly, we should not consume poisonous berries. They include nightshade berry and pokeweed berry. Moreover, other berries such as white berry, mulberry and elderberry are poisonous during their unripe stage.  However, they can be consumed in their ripe stage. Therefore, do not consume these berries.


In Europe and North America, berries were cultivated as a seasonal staple food for thousands of years. Further, berries can be stored for longer periods. Also, we can add preservatives to them. Moreover, ancient people in Europe and America used to store berries in the winter seasons. Further, they used to prepare jam, cakes, and oatmeals for the Christmas season. Moreover, each berry has a different history.



  • These berries grown on Acai palm trees in the central and South American rain forest.
  • Also termed as “Brazilian super fruit”
  • Acai’s are dark purple colored berries abundantly rich in antioxidants and minerals.

Antioxidants act as scavengers in our bodies. They remove the excess free radicals in our bodies. The component anthocyanin-rich in antioxidants. Moreover, acai berry remains an excellent source of antioxidants. Used for weight loss, for maintaining the skin’s health as well. Rich in vitamin C and A. Moreover, Acai’s produce an anti-ageing effect.

Medicines are made from acai berry. Acai’s are used in the treatment of arthritis, reducing cholesterol levels, etc. Due to the presence of the component anthocyanin, responsible for reducing the bad cholesterol level in our body. Acai berries have the potential to fight cancer cells. Therefore, they act as a barrier and reduce cancer cells. Further, the anthocyanin component is loaded with anti-cancerous properties as well.


Bar berry originated from Europe, also grown in North America. The active plant chemical compound called berberine is present in this berry.

Due to the presence of the component, this berry has the potential to cure Polycystic ovarian syndrome. This syndrome affects women of the reproductive age group. The main causes for PCOS include increased blood sugar levels, obesity, etc. Moreover, barberries have the potential to decrease blood sugar levels naturally. One of the best remedies for PCOS.

Diabetes most common metabolic disorder, characterized by increased blood sugar levels. Bar berry has the ability to decrease blood sugar levels naturally. Hence, used as a first-line drug in the treatment of diabetes type 2. According to recent research, consumption of barberries for three months has effectively reduced blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.


Barberry also prevents diarrhoea and canker sores (small hallow ulcers present in the mouth).


Blueberries are produced from a flowering shrub, this shrub produces flowers, berries in dark purple. They are classified into two types namely,

  • Wild berries
  • High blush berries.


  • Blue berries are rich in anti-oxidants compared to other berries and fruits. Further, they are rich in flavonoids and the component anthocyanin. Moreover, this component will be present in all the dark colored fruits and vegetables.
  • Blueberries have the ability to repair DNA damage and the ability to reduce cancer cells.
  • They also reduce high blood pressure in the body
  • Improves brain functions as well
  • Widely used in making cakes, pastries, etc.


Blackberry is a plant that usually gives flowers and berries. Medicines are prepared from the leaves and roots of the plant.


BlackberryVitamin CNatural collagen booster.
Vitamin KPromote wound healing. Further, it’s important for people with wound healing.


These are reddish-black in colour. Boysenberry is one of the oldest fruit, famous in California. Further, they’re rich in Vitamin K and reduces the chances of hypertension. Therefore, helps to reduce inflammation in chronic diseases. Rich in antioxidants as well. Moreover, it’s one of the sweetest tasting berries.


Chokeberry rich in antioxidants has its origin in Eastern Europe and Russia. Also known as Aronia berry, Black apple berry, black chokeberry, etc. Native Americans use chokeberry as a medicine for the common cold. Also, this berry is available in various forms of capsules and medicines. This also reduces the incidence of heart disease and cholesterol levels. Further, this reduces the blood sugar level, beneficial to diabetic persons.


Cloudberry a slow-growing shrug, belongs to the rose family. More common in Northern Europe, Russia, etc. This is a small cluster berry with six to eight droplets. Reddish-brown in colour. Moreover, this berry strengthens the immune system. Moreover, it’s rich in vitamin A and C. And also, eliminate the excess toxins from our body.


Firstly, cranberry is one of the smallest evergreen shrubs more common in America. Further, urinary tract infections, kidney stones, common cold are treated with cranberries etc. Moreover, a recent study found that cranberries reduce the number of bacteria in urinary tract infections.


This berry fascinates all of us. Black currant pastries, ice creams, and jams are consumed commonly. They have many health benefits too. Further, black currant has improved glaucoma in some patients. Black currant also reduces the oxidative stress in our bodies. And also, black currant juice consumption reduces gastrointestinal infections. Since this berry is dark black in colour abundantly rich in anthocyanin an antioxidant.


The dewberries are similar to blackberries in their appearance. These are derived from the Rubus plant. To clarify, these berries are usually in clusters and are commonly found in northern hemispheres. Moreover, the clusters of dewberry resemble closely raspberry. Moreover, herbal teas are made from dewberry leaves. And also, they are rich in antioxidants.


Elderberry originated from Europe.  It usually grows from elder trees. Further, In 400 BC Hippocrates termed the elder tree as the “medicine chest”. Consequently, this elderberry has many healing benefits. Also, the berries and flowers of elderberries are rich in anti-oxidants. Also, used to treat epilepsy, joint and muscle pain, fever, common cold, etc. Hence, available in the form of various pills, syrups, jams, etc,


Gojiberry is also termed as wolfberry. These berries are bright orange-coloured. Goji berries originated from China. Goji berries improve diabetes, blood pressure and eye problems. Further, they are rich in vitamin C, vitamin A and fibre. Further, Gojiberry fruit juices have more beneficial effects.


Gooseberry is also called Amla. This originates from India. Rich in vitamin C used to treat bleeding gums (scurvy) improves iron deficiency anaemia in women. Moreover, in a recent study, they found that amla juice has reduced iron deficiency anaemia in young women. Further, amla is available in berry form, preserved form, tonic, capsules, etc. And also, amla incorporated in powder form in Triphala is widely used as has lots of benefits.


Huckleberries are small round berries in dark red to purple colour. Commonly originated from North America and Europe. These berries are rich in iron, which increases haemoglobin levels. And also, lowers the cholesterol level, prevents heart disease. Moreover, huckleberries are rich in Vitamin B, tones muscles and skin. And also, increases pancreas secretions in our body.


Juneberries are small cluster-type berries that belong to the rose family. Also called the serviceberries. More commonly found in Canada. They have twice the amount of iron when compared to other berries. They belong to the blackberry family. It’s more difficult to distinguish between juneberry and blackberry. Also commonly used to treat, flues, common cold, fever, etc. Further, they contain rich in flavonoids, vibronic acid, vitamin A and B, etc.


Lingonberry was commonly known as foxberry, quailberry, mountain cranberry, etc. And also, belongs to the same family of blueberry. Moreover, Lingon Berry has an ancient history. To prevent heart diseases lingonberry syrups are prepared and consumed in Sweden to prevent health diseases. Lingonberries improve brain function and it’s a powerful anti-oxidant.


These are dark-coloured berries in various colours such as red, purple, black, etc. They are rich in Vitamin A, C, E, selenium and beta carotene. Raspberries are rich in fibre. They prevent cancer, heart diseases. Low in sugar level, diabetes patients can consume this berry. One of the most common beverages is raspberry tea.


One of the fascinating berry types is strawberry. Right from kids to elder people, everyone easily gets attracted to strawberries. The main reason for this attraction is the bright pink colour of strawberries. This originated from Europe. Strawberries are loaded with antioxidants and are low in calories. And also, promotes glowing skin. The composition includes vitamin c, vitamin B9, manganese, folate, potassium, etc.


Tayberry is named after the River Tay in Scotland. Also, this is a crossbreed of raspberry and blackberry. This prevents colon cancer, reduces blood sugar levels. When applied to the skin, this promotes glowing skin and hair growth. Reduces cholesterol levels effectively. Recently they have found that tayberry extract juices have reduced dental plaque. To clarify, deposition of debris leads to dental plaque, a thin biofilm layer on the tooth.


To sum up, berries are low in calories and abundant in nutrients. Not only in pasteurizers, but they also have more health benefits too. Therefore, berries can be a part of our everyday diet

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