Chicken and the astounding benefits it brings along

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Chicken is a preferred and majorly consumed food by a large part of the population. It’s the favourite food of many people due to its taste and a vast variety of recipes. It can be eaten by boiling, frying, grilling etc. We can consume up to 100 grams per day. In this article, we are going to see about the health benefits, side effects, nutrition value and recipes of chicken.


Firstly, it’s a rich source of protein. Proteins are the building block of muscles. It also contains more energy and less fat. It helps in weight loss. But, this should be steamed, grilled or roasted. If it is fried, it can increase your weight and bring a negative effect.

It is rich in iron, sodium and vitamin C. It is low in fat and gives abundant energy. Further, it is high in Phosphorus and calcium, which helps in maintaining the strength of bones as well as teeth. The consumption of bony meat helps to increase calcium in our bodies.

It has the capacity of controlling the blood sugar level. In addition, it also helps in the production of insulin. Thus hen meat helps in enhancing the metabolism.

This is a good source of iron. The body’s need for iron is met properly. Lack of iron may lead to anaemia.

Hen’s meat can also enhance our body’s immune system.

It can also prevent cancer. The soup of chicken can cure a common cold effectively and also brings relief from a blocked nose in addition to clearing the mucus accumulated in the chest.

The Zinc present in it can enhance vision. Further, vitamin C is present in large amounts. This is responsible to treat skin problems such as allergies, fungal infections, skin ageing and sunburn.

Above all, protein, calcium and phosphorus are easily available through hen liver meat.


  • Secondly, depression is a state of mind in which even the best of people can break down. In such a situation, the brain releases hormones that can bring about a negative effect. 
  • The consumption of nutrients like tryptophan and vitamin B5 found in it provides relief from stress. Due to both these elements, the mind and body calms down and go into a state of rest. If you do not feel like eating under stress, then drinking its soup is also beneficial.
  • Consuming hen meat can also enhance our mental state. It releases hormones like seratonin causing positive effects and happiness. This can also relieve stress, anxiety and depression.

Nutrition present in Chicken:

Energy110 Kcal
Protein26 gm
Lipid (fat)1 gm
Iron1.44 mg
Sodium85 mg
Vitamin C2.4 mg
Cholesterol75 mg
Minerals, lipids and vitamins

Side Effects of consuming chicken:

Disadvantages of eating hen meat include,

  • Chicken with skin might predispose us to obesity. Hence, it’s better to eat it without skin.
  • If we consume it in excessive amounts it may lead to diabetics.
  • If it is cooked over a high flamefor a prolonged period, it can increase the risks of cancer and heart diseases.
  • Consuming chicken can also cause some diseases spread by poultry (For instance, bird flu especially through eggs)

Common recipies:

There are a lot of recipes to cook it. Most of the fast foods such as burger, pizza and shwarma etc… contains hen meat. Some of the chicken recipes include,

  • Indian Butter Chicken
  • Tandoori Chicken
  • Mughlai Chicken With Gravy
  • Chicken Tikka Masala
  • Hyderabadi Biryani
  • Kalmi Kebab
  • Grilled Herb Chicken Breast
  • Malwani Chicken
  • Paprika Roast Chicken
  • Guilt Free barbecue Chicken

To sum up, chicken is really good if taken in limited amounts. It is equally beneficial and harmful to the health depending on the consumer. Therefore, remember the pros and cons and enjoy your happy meal.

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