Dental X-rays and Pregnancy

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during pregnancy

Pregnancy, a sensitive phase of women as it makes them more sensitive and exposed to various emotional and physical situations. Most of the pregnant woman face hormonal imbalance causing a mild decrease in their immunity levels.

One of the common complaints during pregnancy is gum diseases, toothache or sensitivity with increased possibilities of infections. There are chances for pregnant women to undergo a dental x-ray if they have a severe dental infection.

Dental diagnostic X-rays and Pregnant Women:

We have listed a few points regarding pregnant women being exposed to a Diagnostic Dental X-ray.

  • The exposure time for a dental diagnostic X-ray is not more than 3 seconds.
  • The radiation produced in dental x-rays is only 0.005 MSV i.e. 0.000005 Gy.
  • 50 msv i.e. 0.05 Gy / year is considered the safe dose for a person.
  • Exposure during a dental x-ray is minimal with minimum radiation.
  • They do not cause any developmental defects, congenital defects to the fetus or miscarriage of the fetus.

Precautions for a Diagnostic Dental X-ray during pregnancy:

The following precautions can avoid even any minuscule risk posed by a diagnostic dental x-ray.

  • Always mention your pregnancy status to your dentist.
  • Mention to your dentist even if you suspect of being pregnant.
  • The first trimester is the most sensitive phase of pregnancy hence try to avoid the exposure even though it’s not risky.
  • Wear lead aprons and thyroid collars to protect yourself from exposure.
  • Avoid having multiple exposures of x-ray.
  • It is best to take a dental visit or emergency treatment at a late stage of 2nd trimester.

What is an exposure time?

Exposure time is the ability of the X-ray photons to ionize in air. Shorter exposure time is ideal not only to reduce the radiation exposure but also the imaging defects.

Exposure time for Dental X-rays:

The ideal exposure time for most of the dental x-rays has an average value of 0.05 seconds to 3 seconds. This exposure time brings only a minimal amount of radiation. Thus, diagnostic dental x-rays do not cause any developmental or mental defects to the fetus.

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