How Much Dental Points Needed to Join Indian Army

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A dental point refers to the score given to the candidate for their sound and healthy teeth during the medical fitness test in Indian armed forces.

It noted as one of the criteria for passing the medical fitness test.

All the candidates applying must be aware of this and undergo treatment if necessary.


The candidate must get a minimum score of 14 dental points to pass the medical fitness test conducted by the selection board.

The score for 32 healthy and sound teeth is 20 – 22. Here is brief on the score allotted for each tooth:

  • Incisor, Canine & Pre-molars are given each 1 point if their corresponding counterpart is sound and healthy.
  • 1st, 2nd and fully developed 3rd molar is given 2 points each if their corresponding counterpart is sound and healthy.
  • In an underdeveloped or partially developed 3rd molar it is given a score of 1 point if the corresponding counterpart is sound or developed.
  • A ‘0’ is given in case of a missing counterpart.

This score is usually achieved with a sound & healthy 4 out of 6 front teeth and 6 out of 12 back teeth.

A tooth with a cavity is accepted but it has to be filled within the mentioned period of time. Mostly rejection of candidates due to dental score is a rare case.


  • Multiple fillings or dental crowns can be considered a risk factor.
  • Multiple missing teeth.
  • Severe malocclusion.
  • Severe or frequent gum bleeding.

NOTE: The number of sound teeth is mostly calculated in India for evaluation in civil service exams and other government exams.

Any decayed or chipped teeth are not taken into note as they can be filled and brought back to function.

An added note is given below for selection to US ARMED FORCE.


  • Must not have any jaw diseases that hinder the normal function.
  • Tissue diseases or oral diseases hindering normal function.
  • Difficulty in chewing or mouth opening.
  • Severe malocclusion and improper function.
  • Mobile teeth or disease causing the removal of teeth.
  • Insufficient sound teeth.
  • Multiple dental crowns or replacements.
  • Orthodontic appliances.

I hope this article has helped many aspiring candidates who wanted to join the prestigious Indian armed forces.

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