How to Protect Yourself from COVID-19?

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COVID-19 the pandemic virus affecting most of the major cities of the world and bringing our lives to a momentary halt. This virus belongs to the Coronaviruses family attacking the respiratory system of the individual.

Wuhan-a city in China reported the first case of COVID-19. The mode of spread of infection is either by indirect contact with the belongings of an infected person or through direct contact with the infected person. Droplet spread of infection is also possible.

Symptoms of COVID-19:

  • Shortness of breath or difficulty in breathing.
  • Persistent fever.
  • Frequent coughs.

Protocols to ensure your own Safety against the virus:

By following these protocols, we can prevent the spread of infection thereby reducing the infection rate.

  1. Stay at home.
  2. Maintain a safe distance of 1meter or 3 feet from other people.
  3. Wash your hands frequently with soap or alcohol rub.
  4. Cover yourself whenever you go out of your house for necessities.
  5. Consume a well-cooked protein-rich diet to build-up your immunity.
  6. Stay connected to your nearest healthcare provider.

What does Social Distancing mean?

The most commonly heard word and the most important point to be remembered to avoid the virus spread. It means to stay at a safe distance from one person to the other.

The main reason behind the easier increase in the spread of the infection is the live viruses present in the air. If an infected person, coughs or sneezes the droplets with the virus can be surrounded in the air.

To avoid acquiring droplets as well as contact infections, social distancing is a must.

Why should I Wash Hands frequently or sanitize them?

Washing hands frequently with soap or a sanitizer with 60% alcohol content in them can cause the death of the virus if we have contacted any.

If we do not wash hands we may accidentally, bring it to our eyes, nose or mouth letting the virus grow and multiply. Most importantly, the virus stays low for 14 days before showing any symptoms but if infected we can spread the disease even before we show any symptoms of infection.

What should I do if have any of the symptoms:

If you have any of the symptoms of the COVID-19 isolate yourself for a week to check the severity of the symptoms and report to your closest healthcare provider for help.

Central helpline for India: +91-11-23978046

Click the following link to know about the COVID-19 helpline for States.

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