Interesting Landmarks in Dentistry

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We have listed some intersting landmarks in Dentistry in the following:


Evolution of Modern Dentistry.

Late 17th century & Early 18th century:

Most of the basics of dental sciences contributed by a French Surgeon Pierre Fauchard also known as “Father of Modern Dentistry”.

First recognised Dental Practitioner:

Hesy-Re an Egyptian scribe dating back to 2600 BC was 1st recognized Dental Practitioner.

First Dental College:

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery established in 1840.

First Toothpaste brand:

Colgate in 1873 First mass-produces toothpaste. Following this, they produced toothbrushes in later years.

First Dental X-ray:

Walkhoff succeeded in taking the first dental X-ray with an exposure time of 30 minutes in 1896 but his first trial dated just 14 days after the invention of X-rays in 1895.

First Toothbrush:

China was first to have a proper bristled toothbrush in 1498.

First Electric Toothbrush:

A US-based company in 1927 known as Electro massage Toothbrush produced the first Electric toothbrush.

First Indian Dentist:

Dr. Rafiuddin Ahmed an Indian who acquired his D.D.S from the University of Lowa College of Dentistry in 1915. He is also the founder of First Dental College in India.

First Real Dental Chair:

A dentist named Josiah Flagg in 1790 contributed to the First Dental chair.

First Mouthwash:

Dr. Lawrence made the first mouthwash known as Listerine to clean our mouth and also surgical wounds in 1879.

Beginning of Aesthetic Dentistry:

Charles Land in 1903 introduced porcelain crowns owing to the new era of esthetic dentistry. After, various new additions to this it became more established in the 1990s.

Initiation of Fluoridation:

After Fedrick McKay’s discovery of fluoride’s capacity to prevent tooth decay Fluoridation was initiated in 1945.

Concept of Osseointegration:

In 1980, Per Ingvar Branemark explained the concept of Osseointegration in Dental Implant which now a leading stream in the field of Dentistry.

Evidence Based Dentistry:

Gordan Gyuatt in the 1990s introduced the concept of Evidence-based Dentistry for enhancement not only in the practice but also in the techniques used.

First smart Toothbrush:

Firstly, introduced by a brand named Kolibree in 2017 with Artificial Intelligence.

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