Know The Routine Care For Your New Born Baby

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Welcoming a new born baby is indeed a great moment in everyone’s life. It is a million feelings. Yet, some people don’t know to take care of their baby. Let us learn the routine care for newborn babies. Take good care of your little ones.

Handling a New Born Baby

Firstly, wash your hands while handling them. Support their head and neck while carrying. More importantly, do not shake them. 

Although, you can tickle your baby’s feet gently. New born baby is not ready for rough play. Handle them gently with immense care

Providing Warmth

It is mandatory to wrap the baby except for the face. Take off the wet cloth and maintain a warm temperature. In case of low birth weight, initiate kangaroo mother care. Do not bathe on the initial days. Always, keep the baby close to the mother.

Breastfeeding and burping

Early and exclusive breastfeeding plays a vital role in a baby’s life. Initiate breastfeeding soon after the delivery. However, it is contraindicated in some cases like HIV positive mothers.

Follow proper breastfeeding techniques. Ensure the positioning of the baby while breastfeeding.

Normally, breastfeeding is given in 1-2 hours intervals. Gradually, increase the interval to 2-3 hours and so on. Do not use formula feed unless indicated.

Usually, babies swallow air during feeding. Therefore, it is good to burp your baby. Do not forget to burp your baby soon after feeding. After feeding, keep your baby in an upright position. This will prevent regurgitation.

Care of the Umbilical Cord

Generally, the umbilical cord falls after 5-10 days. In fact, it changes its color from yellow to brown or black.

Do not worry, it is quite normal. It could be delayed when there is an infection. Nothing should be applied to the cord. Keep it clean and dry.

Care of eyes

Clean the eye by gently wiping with the help of a cotton ball. Clean it from the inner corner to the outer corner. Dispose of the used cotton ball. Use a new cotton ball for the next eye. The water should be warm enough.

Skin Care

Do not bathe the baby until the cord falls. Bath the baby with warm water. Eventually, dry the baby as quickly as possible. Oil massage is allowed only after 3-4 weeks of age. With that, It improves circulation and muscle tone.

Diapering the baby

Frequently, your little one will dirty diapers in time. After changing the diaper clean them well. In a male baby, change it carefully as exposure to air will make them urinate.

In a female baby, wipe her genital area from front to back. It prevents urinary tract infections. Diaper rash is a big deal. Usually, it will go off when applying ointment or cream. Therefore, change diapers often.

Immunization for New Born Baby

Follow the National Immunization Schedule. It boosts the baby`s immunity. Visit well-baby clinic regularly. It is meant for monitoring growth and development.

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