Natural Foods: Naturally And Easily Available Foods That Gives Health

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natural foods

Natural foods with salt, spice, and aroma, and the combination of different ingredients loses the energy in the food.

I have to say that when man started cooking and eating, he started disturbing the digestive organs.

Natural foods are either processed, stewed, steamed, fried that can lead to lose of vital energy from the food.

Natural Foods: Vegetables

Foods such as carrots, beetroot, cucumber, tomato, and onion, which can be washed, chopped and eaten raw, or eaten as a salad with a little salt and pepper to taste.

These are rich in all the nutrients the body needs. These foods are high in fiber so digestion can happen faster. So constipation does not come. The body has a very high level of immunity.

Dairy products

Processing milk into yoghurt, buttermilk and butter is good for health

Drying and processing fruits such as grapes, soaking the grains and eating them after sprouting are all natural ways to get energy for the body.

Mix lemon with sugar and drink it as a tea. Most of the aborigines living in the forest eat a lot of such food.

Natural foods gives immunity

Since there will be no problem in digestion, the organs will function easily and get good immunity and give good strength to the body.

One of the best dishes in the fire is the stew. Natural foods or grains that are ground and distilled are also easy to digest. Idly, too, takes place in this category, but too much flour is not good for the body.

Eating foods this way is acceptable as the nutrients are not completely eliminated in the digestion system and there is not much disturbance to the digestion of food.

Potato for newborn

This is because giving potatoes to a newborn baby for the first time and giving porridge and idly to patients is somewhat tasty on the tongue and easier to digest.

Not all of the foods we’ve seen so far add artificial ingredients for flavor.

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Dr Arun

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