Obesity and Gum Diseases

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The most common complication affecting the population of both developed and developing countries. Over the years, the trend of the obese population has increased sequentially.

They serve as the major reason for the severity of various diseases like diabetes, cardiac diseases, arthritis, and cancer.

Gum diseases:

A common oral health condition responsible for early tooth loss in most of the adults and also in people belonging to younger ages. Usually a multifactorial disease with various causes and effects because of this disease.

Recent studies:

Recent studies have deluded the connection between obesity and periodontal disease/gum disease. As both of them are considered a commonly occurring multifactorial disease with more risk factors their correlation can serve as a threat to the population.

Relation between Obesity & Periodontal or Gum Diseases:

Researchers proclaim that obesity can pave the way for the onset and progression of gum diseases. Their hypothesis states that cytokine (a small protein) derived from the fat tissues can affect the metabolism and cause mild systemic inflammation.

Thus, obesity may cause an increase in the inflammatory cells of our body leading to gum inflammation a sign of gum diseases.

Other complications due to Obesity:

Obesity can cause an increase in systemic inflammation because of the proteins derived from the fat tissue, which eventually causes inflammation of various tissues of the body.

The correlation between obesity and gum diseases often caused the difficulties for negative implication in the insulin levels.

Effects of obesity on the gums includes the following:

  • First, it causes swelling of the gum and the surrounding oral tissues.
  • Following which it causes rapid onset and progression of gum disease.
  • Increase in the oral microbial count, which negatively affects the gum health.
  • However, no clinical reports state the interference of obesity in patients being treated for gum diseases.

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