Omega-3 Benefits in Fish oil Tablets

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fish liver oil

These Fish oil tablets are taken by North Europeans to enhance their immunity. These Fish oil tablets are obtained from the liver of big fishes. It is rich in Omega 3 Fatty acids. It is a type of polyunsaturated fatty acids i.e., Good cholesterol.

This Omega 3 Fatty acid type of essential fatty acid cannot be produced by our body.

Omega-3 Benefit of Fish Oil Tablet:

  • The vitamin D present in fish oil helps in the reduction of stress. A low level of serotine in the brain results in mental stress.
  • The nutrients like omega 3 fatty acid, vitamin D, present in the brain helps in the secretion of the serotonin hormone that helps to reduce mental stress.
  • For children suffering from rickets, doctors recommend this fish oil tablet. It will also help in enhancing brain activity in children.
  • The good cholesterol in it enhances the blood flow in our body. Therefore the brain will be active and won’t become tired.
  • These tablets help to reduce knee pain, to cure eye problems, to increase memory power, etc…
  • The omega 3 fatty acid in fish tablets helps in the secretion of insulin in our body.
  • It helps in the control of high blood pressure and it also helps in instant wound healing.
  • It can reduce the bad cholesterol that settles down in the heart’s blood vessels.
  • Asthma patients can take these tablets so that they can be free from breathing troubles.
  • It can fight against cancer. It also helps with stress relief.

Side Effects of Omega 3:

Taking it without the consultation of a doctor lead to various side effects. Here are some of its side effects.

  • This tablet is a supplement of nutrients so it should be consumed in the correct dosage. The dose will differ according to the Age, Weight, and Patient history. We have to check the patient’s history to check whether he is taking some kind of medicine that can resist or develop some other side effects through adverse reactions.
  • Increased intake of this tablet may lead to heart problems. This contains fatty acid that may block heart arteries by forming a layer of cholesterol in it which leads to a heart attack.
  • Some people may take this tablet in high dose along with steroids to build their muscles later on it will begin to react adversely. For instance muscle shrinkage, Nervous disorders, etc.

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