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The palm is a very common tree in the South of India. The Palmtree is the state tree of Tamilnadu. This tree has various products each of them has its unique nutritious benefits. This belongs to the Arecaceae family of plants. In this article, we are going to see about the health benefits of palm tree products such as palm fibre, palmyra tuber etc.,

The Palmtrees leaves, fruit, roots and flowers are useful in the preparation of medicine. A species of the palm tree is used as a beautiful plant in the home. Types like the sabal minor and dwarf palmetto can be grown in small pots inside the home. It can purify the air and provides a pleasant environment. This plant act as an air purifier. It also maintains the humidity effectively.


There are 2600 species of palm trees. Further, they are grouped over 200 genera.

Palmyra tuber/ sprout (Tamil- Panang kizhangu):

  • Firstly, Palm tuber is not available in the tree. It is grown by burying the palm fruit in soil. It starts to germinate in a few months. As soon as it starts to germinate, dig it out. It looks like a long insect.
  • Secondly, this tuber is rich in nutrients. We can consume this by boiling in water with salt and turmeric powder. Similarly, after the tuber is a little dry, add garlic, cumin, chilli and salt to it and mix it. We can use this tuber in a powder form by dry grinding it.
  • This tuber helps to gain weight in a healthy manner. Also, this can reduce your body heat. It also helps to relieve constipation.
  • Pregnant women can take this palm tuber along with coconut milk that strengthens the uterus.
  • Palmtuber can cure anaemia. It contains a high amount of iron that can increase the production of red blood cells.
  • It also boosts immunity by enhancing our body’s immune system.
  • In addition, This can improve children’s growth and development. It replenishes the body’s lost minerals and nutrients. Prevents painful urination and fatigue.
  • Above all, diabetics can consume this tuber in low amounts. It has chemical substances that induce the production of insulin.

The fruit of palm:

  • This fruit is a summer seasonal fruit that protects us from harmful sun rays. Palm fruit can halt prolonged hiccups.
  • Palm fruit is a reddish-black fruit that contains 2 or 3 seeds. This fruit is useful in the preparation of juice.
  • This is also used as an ingredient in food products such as jam, juice etc…
  • Palm fruit is richer in Vitamin C and Calcium than papaya. Fruit juice is rich in protein, carotene, fat, carbohydrate, vitamin C.
  • This fruit contains a large amount of vitamin A called beta carotene which enhances eyesight.
  • Everyone from children to adults can eat Palm fruit. The plam fruit can help to compensate and cure conditions resulting from nutritional defeciencies.

Added benefits of the fruit:

  • It can promote urination and cleanse the body of toxins. Similarly, this can also cure certain skin diseases.
  • This fruit should be avoided by pregnant women, women undergoing their regular menses, people with gallbladder disease, people with eye problems.
  • It contains 43g Phosphorus, 20mg Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Sodium, Magnesium and Ascorbic acid.
  • This inhibits the growth of breast cancer cells. It can also control the oil in the face.
  • It can remove the problem of acidity. In addition, it can also cure bad breath. Similarly, Its palm shell can be used as a face pack because of its antioxidant property.
  • Carbohydrates provide sufficient amount of energy so that it remains active throughout the day. This fruit has the highest amount of water and carbohydrates.
  • In the summer season, the need for water in the human body is high and Palm fruit fulfils this condition.
  • Palm fruit has anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant properties. The pulp of the fruit helps in treating inflammation of the skin. It is also useful in treating nausea and vomiting as well as worm infestation. Also used as a liver tonic.

Palm Oil

  • Palmoil can protect us from cancer, heart problem, skin allergies and eye problem. It contains vitamin E, beta carotene and anti-oxidant.
  • Palm oil helps in reducing cholesterol levels.
  • It helps in maintaining the body’s hormonal levels as well.

To sum up, having known the amazing benefits of palm, try to plant it and reap its amazing benefits. Also, try to consume the seasonal fruit and enjoy the wide benefits it provides.

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