Reasons Why Your Gums Get Infected?

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The infection of the gums is caused by any foreign particle or bacterial invasion. These infections cause weakening of the gums and worsening of oral health if untreated for a long time.

A healthy gum acts as the face of a good general health of the person.

Reasons for Infection of Gums:

The following can infect your gums:

  • Improper diet.
  • Frequent consumption of foods that can accumulate in your teeth.
  • Poor oral hygiene habits.
  • Lack of essential nutrients in diet causing the weakening of gums.
  • Habits like smoking and alcohol consumption can cause dry gums eventually leading to loss of blood supply of gums.
  • The use of chewing gums and frequent consumption of soda or carbonated drinks can cause an acidic imbalance in the oral environment.

Symptoms of Gum Infection:

In gum infections, a person can face the following symptoms:

  • Bleeding of gums.
  • Painful and swollen gums.
  • Bad breath.
  • Inflamed gums.
  • Dry mouth or decreased saliva production.
  • The reddish appearance of the gums.
  • Pus formation in the gums.
  • Loosening of teeth.
  • Finally, bone loss in severe cases of gum infection.

When you have any of the above-mentioned symptoms always visit your dentist for a proper evaluation.

Treatment for Gum Infection:

After the evaluation of the gums, the dentist stages the status of gum infection to plan the treatment accordingly. Initially, the dentist suggests antibiotic therapy to reduce the symptoms. Then a professional deep dental cleaning to remove the microbes present in the gums.

In a severe case of gum infection reconstruction of the lost gum tissues and the underlying bones can be done in further appointments after the initial treatment.

Take home tips for a good Gum Care:

  • Use medium to a soft-bristled toothbrush for brushing your teeth.
  • Always use antibacterial mouthwashes twice a day.
  • Practice the use of dental floss at least once a day.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins and proteins to maintain the structure and integrity of the gums.
  • Have a dental visit at least once a year.

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