Tips to take Care of Your Dental Implants

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The most preferred dental replacement method after the loss of teeth is dental implants. It is popular worldwide for their aesthetics, to restore the lost form and function.

Tips to take care of your Dental Implants:

The following tips can help you in maintaining your dental implants:

Proper oral hygiene:

Good oral hygiene maintenance is the first and foremost step after a Dental Implant. Always practice tooth brushing twice a day followed by dental floss and mouthwashes.

Get your dentist’s advice in selecting the toothbrush and other oral hygiene aids to use the most suitable once.

Discomfort or Pain:

If you feel any pain or stiffness of the jaw and discomfort report to your dentist. Never self-medicate yourself with pain relievers unless prescribed by your dentist.

Biting foods:

In the case of a dental implant in front teeth, care should be taken to avoid biting on the front teeth. Avoid biting any hard and sticky foods as they create pressure on the implant.


Habits like tooth picking with sharp can probably infect the dental implant. Also, avoid touching your teeth with your fingernails.

Smoking and Drinking:

Try to quit the habit of smoking and drinking. As the heat produced while smoking might cause damage to the small blood vessels in the gums. Thus causing the death of the gum tissue and failure of the dental implant.

The frequent consumption of alcoholic drinks causes dehydration of the gums and dryness of the mouth. Thus causing increased bacterial activity and initiation of gum diseases.

Follow-up Dental Visit:

A follow-up dental visit is essential after every dental treatment. Likewise, after dental treatment visit your dentist as requested. The interval can mostly be one, three and six months after the dental implant placement.

After a year of implant placement, once in 6 months follow-up is more advisable.

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