What are Complete Dentures?

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Complete dentures are a removable replacement for those who lost all their teeth present in the jaw. Commonly known as false teeth or teeth sets. The denture helps in providing artificial teeth to restore the lost functions.

Common reasons for loss of teeth:

How are dentures made?

Once a patient opts for a complete denture, the dentist evaluates the status of the jaw and the muscles attached to them. Then a diagnostic impression is made with a silicone-based material.

Further appointments are scheduled after discussing with the dental laboratory. It takes around 3 to 4 appointments before receiving your final denture.

Types of materials used for Complete Dentures:

Materials used for making a complete denture:

  • Acrylic.
  • Metal.
  • Flexible Dentures.

Acrylic dentures: The most common form of denture material using acrylic- a rigid resin material. This material comes in various shades of pink mimicking the gums. They house the teeth and resemble our gums.

Metal dentures: The dentures have a metal base, outlined with acrylic. The acrylic helps in resembling the gums giving a natural effect.

Flexible dentures: Made up of a special kind of flexible plastic. This provides a better adaptation and fits to the denture. This material increases the retention of the denture giving it a more natural look.

Types of artificial Teeth used in complete denture:

Following are types of artificial teeth:

  • Porcelain Teeth.
  • Acrylic teeth.
  • Custom made denture teeth.

All of the above mentioned artificial teeth types are available in sets of different sizes, shapes, and shades.

Usually, the dentist chooses the suitable artificial teeth set before the trial. The dental lab completes the denture after the patient confirms the trial.

Benefits of Wearing a Denture:

  • Firstly, helps in restoring the lost form, function, and aesthetics.
  • To improve dietary intake.
  • It helps in preventing the bone loss of the jaws and wasting of the facial muscles.
  • Also in promoting speech.

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